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Anytime you turn on your television, listen to the radio, or drive down the street, it seems like there is an advertisement for a Denver accident lawyer.

However, all Denver accident attorneys are not the same.  Some Denver accident attorneys have many years of experience while others may have just recently graduated from law school and passed the bar.  Some Denver accident lawyers have tried dozens of jury trials while others have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

Some Denver lawyers have obtained several million dollar recoveries for their clients while others have never worked on a case of that magnitude and importance.

Steve Kaufman is a Denver accident lawyer who has over 30 years experience, has tried cases in both federal and state courts, and has successfully obtained million dollar recoveries.  Steve Kaufman is the Denver accident lawyer you want working on your case.

Being a successful Denver accident lawyer is not as simple as making a few phone calls to the insurance company in order to get a case settled.  In fact, being a successful Denver accident lawyer often means working on a client’s case for years before finally getting a fair result.  You want a Denver accident lawyer who is willing to fight for you no matter how long or difficult that fight is.

Steve Kaufman has proved he is the Denver accident lawyer who is willing to fight for his clients no matter how long or difficult the fight.  For example, Steve Kaufman represented a couple who were badly injured in a car accident.  Unfortunately, their insurance company denied coverage which would have paid their medical bills and provided other benefits because the premium had not been paid.  However, the insurance company had sent the cancellation notice only to the wife because she was the policyholder, but they failed to also send the notice to the husband as required by her policy.

On this basis, Denver accident lawyer Steve Kaufman filed the case and took the insurance company to court, arguing that the insurance company had to provide coverage to this couple because it had never effectively cancelled her policy.

The trial court dismissed Mr. Kaufman’s claim, finding that the insurer did not need to send a cancellation notice to the young woman’s husband because the cancellation statute did not require it and because the judge considered notice to the wife to be notice to the husband .  Undeterred, Denver accident lawyer Steve Kaufman filed an appeal and the Colorado Court of Appeals reversed, finding that there was coverage since the policy can give an insured greater notice rights than required by statute and because one spouse is not the agent of the other by virtue of their marriage.

As a result, the insurer paid approximately $400,000 for the couple’s medical bills, lost wages, and the essential services they needed, interest at 18% for the benefits it had withheld, the costs of the litigation, and Mr. Kaufman’s attorneys’ fees.

But Denver accident lawyer Steve Kaufman did not stop there.  When the case went back to the trial court, Mr. Kaufman also wanted to make the insurer responsible for additional damages because it had acted willfully and wantonly, and in bad faith.  The insurer hired an expert to say that it did everything right and once more the trial court threw this aspect of the case out.  Again Mr. Kaufman appealed and yet again the Colorado Court of Appeals found in favor of Mr. Kaufman’s clients.  The appellate court ruled that no argument could be reasonably made in support of the insurer’s denial of benefits and then returned the case to the trial court so that a jury could determine the amount of additional damages.

However, the insurer decided to settle before trial and paid out another $600,000.

Steve Kaufman is a Denver accident lawyer who is willing and able to successfully fight for his clients and their legitimate claims.  People need a Denver accident lawyer when things get tough or the insurance company plays hardball on cases that deserve compensation.  As you can see there is a reason why Mr. Kaufman’s law firm has recovered over $65 million for its clients and while past success cannot guarantee future results we would love to help you in seeking a recovery on your claim.

Call Denver accident lawyer Steve Kaufman today for a free consultation and percentage fees.

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