If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important that you get the necessary medical treatment.  First and foremost if you are injured, you should seek medical treatment so that you can recover as quickly as possible and are not suffering with daily pain.  However, if you plan to make a claim against a third party, it is important you get medical treatment so you pain is documented in a medical record.  Without this written documentation from a medical professional confirming your pain complaints, it is very difficult for an insurance company to evaluate your claim and give your injuries the proper consideration they deserve.


I often hear clients tell me they cannot get the necessary treatment because they are too busy or they think if they relax enough the pain will simply go away.  While you may not have injuries that require long term treatment, it is the rare injury that will just go away and requires no treatment at all.  It’s important to remember that the more time that goes by before you seek initial treatment or the longer your gaps are between treatments the less likely you are to get a good recovery from the insurance company.  These treatment gaps usually cause an insurance company to question how hurt you really were if you didn’t even find the time to go the doctor or if your injuries are really a result of the accident or something that happened in between.


The bottom line is that if you’ve been hurt in an accident, you should seek treatment for your own well-being as well as any claim you may have.


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