It’s always surprising to me when I meet with clients who have no idea what type of auto coverage they have, what the doctor diagnosed them with, or what type of medical treatment they are receiving.  This is just to name a few because when it comes to understanding these types of issues, most people tend to bury their head in the sand and assume (hope?) they’re being provided with the correct information.  I will tell you what I tell each of my clients: do not bury your head in the sand, take charge of these important matters, make it a point to understand what your agent, doctor, lawyer, etc. is telling you, and if you don’t understand then ask questions until you do!


When it comes to purchasing your car insurance, make your agent explain exactly what your options are and make sure you are protected with bodily injury coverage, underinsured/uninsured coverage, and property damage coverage.  Often times when a client comes in and is lacking certain coverage, he or she has no idea they didn’t have the coverage and when I explain how little if would have cost to obtain it they are upset and confused as to why their agent never explained it to them.  Most people tell me they simply signed the papers their agent gave them and assumed they had the proper coverage.  Don’t assume anymore.  Be proactive and don’t sign anything until you know exactly what type of coverage you have and are certain that you will be protected in the event of an accident.  If you’re not certain and your current agent isn’t understanding your needs, find another agent.  Don’t wait to find out you didn’t have the proper coverage until you’ve been in an accident and are out of luck.  Similarly, when you purchase homeowners insurance or life insurance, be sure you know what you’re getting.


This goes for your medical care as well.  Too often, people assume their doctor knows best and don’t question their treatment.  While this may very well be true, you still need to understand what your diagnoses are and the type of treatment that is being done.  Make your body and health a priority and know what’s going on with it.  Perhaps you’ll find that once you have all the information, you have questions you never knew you’d have or maybe you decide that you aren’t so comfortable with the doctor’s methods and want to seek out a second opinion.  Either way, you can rest assured that you got the information you needed and have a solid understanding of your medical status.


As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”,” so take control, ask questions, get answers, and start getting some of your power back.

Knowledge is power

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