In honor of Halloween 2012, our blog post today is a list of helpful tips to keep your family safe while enjoying the holiday:

-If you have young children, it is imperative that an adult supervises their trick or treating. If it’s a large group of kids, it’s a good idea to have 2-3 adults to keep track of everyone.

-Monitor the candy they are getting and make sure they do not eat anything until you have had a chance to go home and look through it.

-For kids old enough to trick or treat without adult supervision:

-make sure they carry a fully charged cell phone, are traveling with a group, and understand the importance of staying together as a group.

-set a curfew and plan a route beforehand so you know where to go if they are not home on time.

-have your child take a flashlight and place reflective tape on any costumes that may be hard to see when dark.

-explain the importance of staying on main streets with other trick or treaters and not cutting through alleys or parks.

-When purchasing a costumes make sure it is made of flame retardant material and fits properly to avoid any trip and falls.

-If your child is wearing a mask, check that the eye holes are big enough to clearly see out of and that there is proper ventilation.

Have a Happy Halloween!


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