While motorcycles and semi-trucks couldn’t be more different in terms of size, shape, and speed, the unfortunate thing they do have in common is the typically catastrophic injuries one sustains when in an accident on a motorcycle or involved in a crash with a semi-truck. The reason for this is the same: lack of protection.  Just as the driver of a motorcycle has no car body to protect him in a crash, there is very little to protect the driver of a car from a semi-truck.  Due to the lack of protection, those persons involved in these types of accident almost always incur significant injuries.


Unfortunately, even the most cautious drivers can’t avoid all accident risks.  This is because no matter how careful you are, you can’t control the reckless driving of others.  Accidents occur in an instant; cars make left turns in front of motorcycles, pull out from stop signs and parking lots in front of motorcycles, and drive right into them as the car changes lanes.  Because these situations leave the motorcyclist little time to slow down before impact and no time to stop, the injuries are almost always bad because the accidents occur at high speeds, the motorcycle provides its driver and passenger with no protection, and people are thrown from the motorcycle high into the air or for great distances and then land hard upon the pavement.  Either that, or people are severely injured because they have no choice but to put their motorcycle down to avoid an even worse accident.  


Similarly, semi-truck drivers are often logging long hours on the road and may not be adhering to the rules of the road in an effort to make it to their destination on time.  For example, a truck driver will often drive over the number of hours allowed for a particular period of time or the trucking company will not perform timely maintenance on a truck because they need it on the road to keep on schedule.  It is also common to learn during the post-accident investigation that the truck driver was taking an illegal substance at the time of the accident to keep himself awake during the long drives.


Sadly, the reckless driving of others leads to tragic consequences for innocent drivers and their passengers.  In an effort to help reduce the severity of these consequences, we encourage everyone to wear a seatbelt when in a motor vehicle, as well as a helmet when on a motorcycle.  However, know that there is no law in Colorado mandating helmet use when on a motorcycle so do not let a failure to wear a helmet prevent you from contacting a lawyer to obtain the compensation you deserve.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle or trucking accident, the Denver personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman can help you receive the compensation you deserve.  These types of cases, particularly the trucking ones, can be quite complicated and our attorneys have the experience to successfully resolve your case.  Call our injury attorneys today at 303-393-6666 for a FREE consultation! 



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