As election day quickly approaches, tomorrow marks an exciting day for Denver as the presidential candidates arrive in town for their first debate Wednesday night.  The debate will take place at the University of Denver Magness Arena.  The Arena seats between 5,500 and 8,000 people and tickets for this event were incredibly difficult to come by.  In fact, beyond press and campaign officials, the majority of tickets were distributed to DU students and residents through a lottery system.


It’s an honor for DU to have the opportunity to host this event as it was chosen from among 12 schools that offered to host the debate.  Many surely think that Colorado was chosen since it is considered a toss up state, but in fact schools are picked for their technical capabilities, logistical attributes, and their ability to involve the community with the event.


Not only does hosting the first debate bring national attention to Denver, but could bring an estimated $10-$15 million to the city as a result of the restaurants and hotels that are sure to be filled with those in town for the event. While this doesn’t come close to the $266 million that was generated during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, it boosts Denver’s profile and attracts more visitors in the long term.


Many believe this debate will be very important to the election outcome so be sure to watch, and of course VOTE on November 6!


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