The Denver personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman have been successfully handling slip and fall injury claims for over 30 years.  Unfortunately, due to the time consuming nature and liability concerns associated with slip and fall cases many Denver attorneys are unwilling to take these cases.  However, our Colorado injury attorneys understand the difficulties that come with slip and fall injury cases and are here to help you. 


Not only do we handle basic slip and fall cases, such as ice and snow on the sidewalk, parking lot, stairs, etc or liquid or other substances on the floor at grocery and retail stores, but we also handle more complex fall cases.  For instance, we’ve done cases where people have fallen getting into and out of elevators because the car did not stop even with the floor, and we’ve represented people who have fallen where there was no visible marking making clear a change in elevation and where property owners have refused to fill holes in grass despite complaints made by people warning them of the danger the holes created.    


The major reason many other Denver personal injury lawyers give for not taking slip and fall cases is that they are just too hard to win and the person who has fallen is as much or more at fault than the property owner.  While this is, of course, true in some slip and fall cases, our Denver personal injury lawyers do not shy away from taking cases where we believe the property owner’s fault can be proved and we make the effort to put the blame where it belongs.  For example, when someone falls on snow or ice in an apartment complex the defense is that everyone knows it snows in Colorado and so people need to be extra careful and take care of themselves.  Our response is it’s true that everyone knows it snows in Colorado, including the apartment complex and because they know this, it is their responsibility to make sure their walkways and parking lots are cleared so that they are safe for the people they know who use them.  This is especially true where people pay hard earned money in the form of rent to ensure these services are performed.  Also, people who are doing everything they can to be careful fall anyway because it is just too slick and these people have no other alternative but to walk on the hazardous sidewalk or in the icy parking lot because they have no other way to get to their apartments or other place to park their cars, particularly when all the other walkways and parking lots in the complex have been covered in snow and ice for days.


Another example of a slip and fall accident we take when other lawyers won’t is when someone falls in a grocery store on a spill that had not been cleaned up.  The store defends these cases by saying that the customer should have been watching where he or she was walking, but this ignores the fact that people go to the grocery store to buy the food that is on the shelves and that when walking down the aisles these people are looking at the shelves for the items they want to buy.  The grocery stores know this because that is exactly what they want their customers to do.  Therefore, it is imperative for the stores that make their profits in this fashion, to make sure the aisles are clear of hazards while their customers’ attention is directed at the shelves.  Also, people are not horses who walk with their heads down all the time.  Not only do people keep their heads up so that they can look at the goods on the shelves, but if all they were doing was looking at the floor they would end up walking into people in front of them or into carts coming the other way.  


The injury attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman have the experience and knowledge to successfully handle your slip and fall claim.  Please feel free to call the experienced and professional Denver personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman if you’ve had a slip and fall accident.  Your initial consultation is FREE

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