The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently published a study determining that home trampolining activitiy is dangerous and should not be done at home. Severe injury when trampolining is high and there were approximately 98,000 trampoline related injuries reported in 2009, many of which required hospitalization.  The study found that the most common trampoline injuries are to the lower extremities, however head and neck injuries account for approximately 10-17% and are usually much more serious, even causing permanent neurological damage.


Multiple people jumping on the trampoline is more likely to result in injury and the smaller the jumper the higher the chance of injury.  In fact, smaller jumpers are 14 times more likely to be injured than heavier ones.  Parents often argue that they supervise trampoline activity and thus it is not dangerous.  However, the AAP noted that many of these trampoline related injuries occur when an adult is watching.  The bottom line is that home trampoline use is dangerous and all use is discouraged.


However, if you decide to continue home trampoline use, the AAP recommends adult supervision at all times, only one jumper at a time, and absolutely no somersaults or flips.  And of course be sure to verify that your insurance covers trampoline related injuries.


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