Med PayAlthough no-fault is long gone in Colorado, you can still buy auto insurance that will cover your medical bills if you are hurt in an accident. 

This coverage is called Med Pay and you have it as part of your policy unless you specifically reject it.  You pay an added premium for this coverage, so if you have health insurance you may not want to do this because it will be duplication in many respects.  However, if you don’t have health insurance it is probably a good idea and you also may want it because it covers some things that your health insurance may not, such as treatment with a chiropractor, or with a dentist if, for example, your jaw gets out of line in an accident and you start hearing clicking or popping and get headaches. 

Also, if you get a settlement on your case, you do not have to pay back your insurance company for the med pay benefits it paid out, whereas if your health insurer paid your bills, your policy will likely require that you pay your health insurer back out of the settlement. 

The minimum Med Pay limit you can purchase is $5,000, but you will probably want more coverage since in many cases that amount will only cover the ambulance, the emergency room doctors, the initial x-rays, and some minimal follow-up care. 

It won’t be enough if you need surgery and it will be very hard to get a doctor and hospital to do the surgery if you have no insurance.  Also, keep in mind that it pays to purchase more coverage because this is coverage that provides a benefit directly to you, your family members, and anyone else injured in the insured vehicle regardless of who is at fault, and the bulk of the cost for Med Pay is in the first $5,000 in coverage and the cost per $1,000 for each incremental increase in coverage is less than the cost per $1,000 for the first $5,000 in coverage.

If you have any questions about Med Pay coverage, please feel free to give us a call at (303) 393-6666 and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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