Car AccidentPlease place this in your car with the insurance card and registration

DO NOT move your vehicle unless it presents a danger to you or others.

Tell the other driver not to move their vehicle.

Call the police at the scene (unless snow alert conditions – then file a counter report). DO NOT let the other driver talk you out of it!

Write down the other driver’s name, address, work and home phone numbers, and the vehicle owner’s name, address, and phone numbers

Find out the other person’s insurance information: name of company; policy number; agent’s name and phone number.

Note the make, model, and license number of the other vehicle.

Record the names, addresses, and work and home phone numbers of witnesses!

Notify your own insurance company as soon as possible, even if you are not hurt or at fault.

Take pictures of your car’s damage and any visible injuries you have.

It is a good idea to keep a small notebook and pen in your car at all times so you’ll be able to write down all the necessary information you’ll need in the event of an accident.

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