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Whether it’s a simple a single vehicle accident or a complicated collision involving multiple vehicles and parties, Kidneigh & Kaufman has the experience necessary to help you. Our Denver auto accident lawyers have over 30 years of experience in successfully handling all types of car accident and motor vehicle collision cases, including:

            •  Auto accidents

            •  Motorcycle accidents

            •  Truck accidents

            •  Cargo Van accidents

            •  RV collisions 

            •  Any Pedestrian or Bicyclist Involved in a Collision with a Motor Vehicle

With over 100 million people driving a car in the United States every day, it’s no coincidence that auto injury accidents involving motor vehicles occur at an alarmingly high rate.  These types of collisions most often occur when a motor vehicle collides with another motor vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist, animal, or even some type of inanimate object, such as debris on the road, a guardrail, tree, or light pole.  Not only are accidents caused by mere carelessness and drivers impaired by alcohol and drugs, but with the addition of technology in today’s world, accidents involving the use of cell phones and while texting are becoming more commonplace.

That’s why the lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman are here to help you when you need it most.   While not every accident involving a motor vehicle will lead to injury for those involved, unfortunately many times they do.  These injuries can range from the minor to the catastrophic and we are here to help you get through the legal maze standing between you and fair compensation for your injuries.

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What You Can do to Avoid an Auto Accident:

Even though our job is to be here to help you should you have the misfortune of being in an accident, we know that you would rather not have had the auto accident in the first place.  With this in mind, it is important to remember that while you can’t control other drivers’ behavior, you can take certain precautions to better protect yourself while on the road.  Some of these precautions include:

• Always be aware of surrounding vehicles and make note of any drivers who appear to be distracted or driving in a hazardous manner.  These drivers are typically easy to spot.  While some may be obviously speeding or recklessly weaving in and out of lanes, others are likely to be consistently veering out of their lane, following other vehicles too closely.  Others you may notice are on their cell phones or trying to “multi-task” while driving.  If you notice drivers like this, steer your vehicle away from theirs.  The further your vehicle is from a reckless or distracted driver, the less likely you will be involved in an accident.

• Wait an extra few seconds before entering traffic after a stop light changes from red to green.  Most drivers are rushed and trying to get from one place to another as quickly as possible.  Because of this, it’s common for drivers to hit the gas as soon as they see the light change from red to green, or even start slowly inching into the intersection in anticipation of the green light.  Don’t do this!  A large amount of motor vehicle accidents occur as a result of drivers who are trying to beat the light or think they can still make it through after the light has turned red.  Often the driver trying to go through on red ends up colliding with the driver who accelerated the instant the light turned green.  You can avoid this if you simply take an extra few seconds to check and make sure all traffic has stopped and the intersection truly is clear.

• Know where you are going before you get on the road.  Many accidents occur because drivers are unfamiliar with where they are and are not paying attention to the road, but rather their printed directions, GPS, or abruptly stopping and slowing to check road and street signs.  If you are traveling to somewhere unfamiliar, be sure to print your directions ahead of time and make sure you are comfortable with your route.  Knowing where you’re heading and feeling confident while driving will allow you to pay attention to the road and those dangerous drivers around you who you want to steer clear of.

• Take driving seriously.  An average car weighs around 3,000 pounds and is not a toy.  Keep your eyes on the road, obey the speed limits, and respect other drivers.  Appreciating the seriousness of operating a motor vehicle and following the rules of the road will help reduce your risk while driving.

If you are on a motorcycle or bike, always wear a helmet.  We’ve just seen too many cases where the driver of the car never sees the motorcycle, even the one’s that have their lights on, and the injuries are always really bad.

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