The truck accident lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman understand that an accident involving a car and a truck in Colorado can result in particularly devastating injuries to people in the car.

This is because of the great disparity in force applied to the car stemming from a truck’s much greater size and weight. To maximize your chances for success it is important to have competent and experienced lawyers on your side.

Our truck accident attorneys have handled cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries and know what must be done to prove your right to the compensation you deserve. Frequently this will involve not only calling upon your doctors and your other medical providers to make out your claim for damages, but also may require the retaining of experts in the fields of economics, vocational rehabilitation, life care planning, and life expectancy, as well as medical experts who can address your particular problems and perform testing that your own medical providers may not have performed, or even considered. In fact, even if you have no medical insurance, our experienced truck accident lawyers can help you in trying to get the care you need.

At Kidneigh & Kaufman, our lawyers know that success in truck accident cases is not merely a matter of proving your damages, but also involves proving the truck driver’s or owner’s liability.

That liability may be clear in some cases, but often when the truck driver’s fault is not obvious it can be proven by showing the driver’s violation of one or more of the state and federal regulations that govern trucking operations.

If you, a family member, or friend have had the misfortune of being injured in an accident involving a truck, our lawyers welcome the opportunity to help by providing the legal representation you or they need.

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