Over three decades, the personal injury attorneys at Kidneigh and Kaufman have handled product defect cases, also known as product liability claims. 

These defective product cases are extremely complex, but are very rewarding cases because often-times they result in manufacturers taking dangerous products off the shelves or cause them to change products to make them safer.  This benefits us all and is important because corporations are usually more interested in profits than safety because of the cost that comes with making a product safer.

In general, neither corporations nor a particular industry will police themselves to any meaningful degree, and frankly the government doesn’t do much better in ensuring that a product is safe before it goes on the market or making certain that products are taken off the market once a defect becomes apparent. 

But one thing that manufacturers do understand is money and when they know they will be held accountable to pay money damages for the harm their defective products cause, things get done.  In other words, product liability suits by a Denver personal injury attorney force manufacturers to either take a defective product off the market or eliminate the defect because it then becomes cheaper for the manufacturers to do so than to pay damages to those harmed by their dangerous products.

Our Denver Personal Injury Attorneys at Kidneigh and Kaufman know what it takes to go after manufacturers who are willing to place defective products over people. 

Our Personal Injury Attorney Stephen Kaufman got his start in law by pursuing Toxic Shock Syndrome claims against tampon manufacturers because of harmful components they began adding to their tampons that were killing and maiming women.  So in taking on these companies for product liability claims we know what to look for.

Please feel free to call the experienced and professional Denver personal injury lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman if you’ve been injured by a defective product.  Not only will your initial consultation be free, but we handle product liability cases on a contingent fee or percentage basis.  We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your claim.

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