Kidneigh & Kaufman’s Denver slip and fall attorneys have successfully represented many, many people who have suffered slip and fall injuries in the Denver area and throughout Colorado due to the negligence of others.

While some attorneys will not even take these cases due to their complexity and difficulty, our Denver slip and fall attorneys handle these cases and take them very seriously because the consequences of a slip and fall can be disastrous. Indeed, our experienced and professional Denver and Colorado slip and fall injury attorneys have settled quite a few cases for people who have fallen and broken ankles, legs, arms, and wrists, or have herniated discs in their back or neck, and needed surgery requiring the placement of hardware.

The slip and fall attorneys of Kidneigh & Kaufman have handled various types of slip and fall injury cases occurring in Denver and throughout Colorado against negligent grocery stores, apartment owners and property managers, retail chains, companies that were hired to remove snow and ice from parking lots and sidewalks, big box stores, specialty stores, restaurants, car washes, homeowners, and others.

The experienced Denver slip and fall attorneys of Kidneigh & Kaufman have handled cases where people have fallen on snow and ice on sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and parking lots because they were not timely shoveled or plowed, or because ice melt, sand, or salt was not used. 

We’ve done cases where gutters in poor repair or downspouts allowed snow melt to leak or drain onto walkways where it then freezes and creates a hazardous condition.  We’ve represented people who have stepped into potholes in parking lots and fallen, people who have fallen in stores because of liquids, produce, and debris not being timely cleaned up from the floors, and people who have fallen due to cracks in stairs and sidewalks or because of deteriorating stairs and sidewalks.  We’ve taken on landowners and their insurers where stairs and railings have broken because they were kept in poor repair, and where people have fallen on stairs because there was no railing at all.  Our Denver personal injury lawyers have made claims where people have fallen due to poor lighting, or because signs were not placed warning of water on a recently mopped floor, or because of a water leak in a bathroom or leak coming from a freezer.

Kidneigh & Kaufman has successfully pursued slip and fall injury claims against stores where people have fallen because mats were not placed at entrances even though the stores knew that customers were tracking in water from the snow and rain outside.

Not only will your initial consultation be free, but we handle slip and fall injury cases on a contingent fee or percentage basis.  We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your claim.

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