Don’t Get Lost in a Complicated Social Security System!  Every year, millions of people find that the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits by themselves is complicated, intimidating and frustrating, or to put it simply, much more than they bargained for.  They don’t want to hire a social security attorney, because they think it will be costly or they think they can handle the case by themselves. Many folks wrongly assume that because they are disabled, and have paid into the system for years, that the system will automatically and immediately award benefits.  Such thinking often results in missed deadlines and the loss of rights, and does not take into account that your Denver Social Security Attorney – Kidneigh & Kaufman – handles social security cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that the fee comes out of your recovery and you owe no fee if social security benefits are not awarded.

Some Answers May Surprise You!  Before you try to handle your own social security claim, ask yourself these questions:  How many times have I argued a Social Security Claim before an Administrative Law Judge?  Do I know anything about the Regulations governing Social Security Disability claims? (Hint: they are contained in a book that is about as thick as a dictionary.)  What happens if I fail to comply with just one Regulation that is vital to my case? Why do some people’s cases go before a judge and some do not?  Why do some people win their cases and others don’t? If I know I cannot do my past work, does that mean I automatically get benefits?  If I’ve tried to find work and can show I can’t, do I win my case? How many chances do I have to argue my claim in front of an Administrative Law Judge?  What questions might the judge ask me?  How does that judge arrive at a decision about my claim?  Does the Judge have to follow regulations, or can benefits simply be awarded because the Judge likes me and believes in my case?  Kidneigh and Kaufman’s experienced and compassionate Social Security Attorney can help you get through this bureaucratic tangle.  Our Social Security Attorney has successfully handled hundreds of Social Security Disability Claims for over 23 years.  Also, our Social Security Attorney does not assign his cases to a paralegal, so you will work directly with an attorney.

Factors Affecting Your Social Security Claim.  There are many factors that go into making a Social Security claim and they vary in relevance and importance from case to case.  These include age, education level, types of work you’ve done, the number of years you’ve work, who you live with, the nature of the medical treatment you’ve received, and whether you have more than one disability.  Sometimes any one of these factors can work for you and sometimes against.  Kidneigh & Kaufman’s Social Security Attorney knows how to emphasize the factors that will give you the best chance of winning and how to try to neutralize those factors working against you, while making sure nothing important is left out.

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