If you’ve been hurt on the job, it is very important to consult a Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.  Colorado’s workers compensation system is an extremely complicated system of laws, rules, and regulations, fraught with deadlines that can end a workers’ claim instantly, with little or no recourse.   Every year, thousands of people who are injured on the job find out too late that their case has closed by operation of law because they missed a deadline they did not know even existed.  Not only could a failure to timely consult a Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney result in a loss of medical, wage, and impairment benefits, it could also end up costing the injured worker his or her job.

You should also consult a Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney in order to maximize your benefits. 

Often an injured worker will try to negotiate is claim with the employer or the employer’s insurance company without an attorneys help, thinking that they will be fair.  However, misplaced trust often is the road to ruin.  Remember, your employer and its insurer has an interest in paying out as little as possible on a claim regardless of how bad you’re hurt.  Kidneigh and Kaufman, a Denver Colorado Workers Compensation attorney will work to level the playing field between you and employers and insurance companies backed by millions and even billions of dollars to fight you.

With all that said, Denver Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Kidneigh & Kaufman help you timely meet your reporting obligations, obtain the treatment needed, get the highest impairment rating you should get, fight against untimely findings of maximum medical improvement that would end treatment and insurance company doctors that want to downplay your disability, get a second opinion, and respond to inadequate Final Admissions of Liability.  As an experienced Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney we know how to properly and fully present your claim at a hearing before an administrative law judge who will determine benefits the worker will receive for those cases that do not settle.

Most importantly, Kidneigh & Kaufman, as your Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney, handles these claims on a contingent fee basis. 

Call us for a free consultation and let us fight your employer’s and its insurer’s well-trained, well-funded, and experienced team of adjusters, doctors, case managers, and attorneys.

We, at Kidneigh & Kaufman, are looking forward to meeting you and helping you as your Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney with your claim.

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