A Denver jury recently awarded an injured plaintiff $846,000 against State Farm Insurance Company.  In addition to compensating the plaintiff for his economic losses, non-economic losses, and permanent impairment, the jury found that State Farm had unreasonably delayed payment of the undisputed medical benefits because they failed to compensate the plaintiff for his medical expenses even though they agreed they were reasonable, necessary, and related to the accident.  As a result of their unreasonable denial, State Farm will now owe the plaintiff double the amount of these undisputed medical expenses.  After doubling the medical expenses and adding in costs, interest, and attorneys’ fees, the verdict should exceed $1,000,000.


People often ask, what does a personal injury law firm do?

Personal injury law firms assist people who have suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence.  Lots of law firms say they handle personal injury cases, but only a few can say that their practice is devoted to helping personal injury victims.  True personal injury law firms, like Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C., can handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, know the ins and outs of personal injury law, and have a reputation for getting results for their personal injury clients.  Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C. is one of the few personal injury law firms in Denver that fits all of the criteria and would like to help you with your personal injury case.

Steve Kaufman and his then-partner Jon Kidneigh started Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C. over 25 years ago with the goal of helping personal injury victims. 

Almost three decades later, Steve Kaufman is still devoted to helping personal injury victims.  Over the years, the attorneys of Kidneigh & Kaufman P.C. have had the opportunity and privilege to represent personal injury clients on a wide variety of different cases, including motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, product liability, medical malpractice, bad faith, uninsured/underinsured claims, and legal malpractice.  This length and breadth of experience in personal injury law means our clients receive representation from attorneys who know personal injury law and how to present a personal injury case in the most favorable light.

As a personal injury law firm that has been around for over 25 years, Kidneigh & Kaufman has been able to regularly obtain favorable settlements for its clients. 

The numbers speak for themselves – over $65 million in settlements for its clients including several million dollar plus settlements.   While other personal injury law firms have never set foot in a courtroom, Kidneigh & Kaufman has gone to trial and won, forcing insurance companies to pay 6 to 10 times their policy limits when they initially denied claims.

A personal injury law firm is best defined by the success it achieves for its clients.  As an example, Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C. had the privilege of representing a woman in a medical malpractice case in Pueblo.  A sponger had been left inside the client following a cesarean section delivery, which required a surgery to remove.  A personal injury settlement was easily obtained with the hospital because the nurses did not properly count the sponges that were removed after the surgery.  However, the doctor refused to settle and instead, tried to blame the whole fiasco on the nurses.

Although our client had only a little more than $3,000 in bills that she had to pay out-of-pocket, she suffered greatly from an emotional standpoint. 

The jury’s verdict was for $1,000,000 plus her out-of-pocket bills, which the judge then reduced according to the caps that the legislature has unfairly placed on medical malpractice cases.  The doctor appealed the jury’s decision, Kidneigh & Kaufman won the appeal, and the insurance company for the doctor eventually paid in excess of $500,000 for the doctor’s negligence.  This is a great example of how a personal injury law firm can help a client in need.

Call the personal injury law firm of Kidneigh & Kaufman, P.C. today to set up a free consultation regarding your personal injury case.

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