If you’ve been injured in an accident recently, you likely know by now the insurance company is not on your side.  You’ve probably experienced difficulty getting the adjuster to call you back, have property damage that still hasn’t been dealt with, and mounting medical bills you don’t know how you’re going to pay.  You shouldn’t have to deal with these issues on top of treating your physical pain and trying to get well.  Denver accident lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman can help assist you with these matters, as well as obtain compensation for your personal injuries.


In this regard, Denver accident lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman can assist you with:

1.  Obtaining compensation for your injuries and lost wages

2.  Getting your car damage paid for

3.  Finding a medical provider to treat you

4.  Getting your medical bills paid

5.  Dealing with the insurance companies

6.  Understanding your insurance coverage

7.  Evaluating your claim

8.  Obtaining necessary documentation to settle your case

9.  Understanding the law as it applies to your claim

10.  Deciding on whether to accept a pre-suit offer or file suit

In addition to helping you with your personal injury matter, Denver accident lawyers at Kidneigh & Kaufman can also help assist with your criminal defense matters.  Call us today for a free consultation.


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